360 Service Agency offers your business access to new market segments and a customer network. Our team can serve as your entire integrated Sales, PR & Marketing and Tech Support department across worldwide markets, or we can provide a modular offering that suits your business strategy and budget. In all cases, we ensure success while saving you time and money.

We are here to make your business expansion and growth a reality.


Our Sales team come equipped with vast experience in strategic planning, revenue forecasting, sales order processing, sales promotion management, close client relationships and a desire to succeed. They know the exact distribution, etail and retail channels for your products.

Our sales team has experience in working with a wide span of brands, from start-ups to industry leading, enabling them to quickly understand the various market segments and how to make a brand successful.


We have an established network of media contacts to increase brand awareness and create demand in all market segments. All flavours of marketing are covered by our team.

Your brand will benefit from a wealth of knowledge in market and competitor analysis, technical product marketing, channel marketing, advertising campaign management, product launches, social media management, creative content writing, events and more. Our team will create an approach tailored to what your brand needs.


Customer care is a vital facet of market success. Our Tech Support team are on hand to provide your customers pre-sales advice and after-sales support.

They will learn about your product, understand your market segment, support your customer, and be the first point of contact for customer feedback. With an emphasis on quality of service for you and your valued customer. You get the peace of mind knowing that the reputation of your brand is in safe hands.